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Super Padded Featherlite - S900

NEW SUPER PADDED Featherlite Nu Bra- Super cleavage ENHANCING NUBRA FEATHERLITE is Thicker than the NON enhancing Nubra Featherlight, these are also cut and formed to increase your bust size by approx 1 full cup!! Super Nubra = Super Enhancing! The Super Padded Featherlite self adhesive, backless, strapless, stick on bra by Bragel, ENHANCES THE BREAST, UNLIKE the regular featherlite which DOES NOT enhance the breast size. These Super Padded Nubra Featherlite stick on bra cups are not as hollow as the regular Nubra featherlite making them PERFECT FOR THE SMALLER BREASTED gals out there wanting a breast enhancing strapless bra without the weight of the Original silicone Nubra! The SUPER PADDED ENHANCING Nubra Featherlite is backless, strapless, and self adhesive. Easy to clean and maintain.

Easy to clean and maintain
Backless, strapless, and self adhesive
Increase your bust size by approx 1 full cup
Nubra = Super Enhancing

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